10 Reasons why we love bingo – the best bingo sites

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If we were to organize a contest for the easiest and most fun game to play, Bingo would surely leave the other games far behind. The whole world has fallen in love with this popular game that is extremely entertaining.

Let’s get to know the opinions of Bingo lovers, their best bingo sites, the secrets of the game and the reasons they love it so much:

Let’s start with the fact that I get up almost every morning at 4 am … I finish work at 2pm, so at 9pm I’m tucked in bed, fast asleep.  Only on weekends do I have the chance to go out with friends in the evening. However, with that free hour or two in the evening I want to relax a little. I would often visit hundreds of websites without a goal. Once, a friend suggested that he can play bingo with me. Everything was done via free bingo sites. I didn’t even have to leave home! I snuggled up in bed in my favourite tracksuit and believe me, I won the first time I played. Now I play bingo with my children. Thanks to that when I play with my young daughter Ella and the older one, Victoria, we diversify the game by changing the number of words in German, English so there’s an additional learning element there. It’s fabulous!

                                                                                              Kate (40 yrs old, shop assistant at local store)


Probably the most important reason why Bingo is my favorite game is the ability to play online! There are many free bingo sites on the net. I have my favorites and probably some of these are the best bingo sites out there on the web. It’s a perfect form of escapism when I’m studying the whole night, and even when I “pretend” () that I’m looking for some information for an assignment on the internet. I admit that my parents taught me to play bingo while I was a kid. But the playing cards would quickly get lost. We did not want to spend money on new ones so for some time I made them myself, but once I discovered that it was so easy to play online, I convinced my parents to do so. Often late in the evening, when we are all in our bedrooms, we are engaged in fierce online battles. You’ll know when we’re playing bingo after someone from one end of the house or bathroom screams “BIIIINGOOOOOOOOO!”.

                                                                                              Jim (17 yrs old, student)

I never used to earn a lot of money … so I would usually have to deny myself many forms of paid entertainment. Poker is definitely not for me, I would lose too much money ;-), but Bingo is different. First of all it’s free! Secondly, anyone can play it. When I look at the players involved in a weekly bingo tournament in the community center near my flat, I can never really guess what the average age is. Bingo is also medicine for my loneliness. I can see my friends every week and get to know new faces. I also plan to look for free bingo sites on the internet. Playing bingo online is even more fun and it’s no different from the traditional competitions.

Maria (57 yrs old, senior caregiver)

My friends are sometimes a bit surprised at my unusual hobby of playing Bingo. What’s more … they say that this form of entertainment isn’t complicated enough. But that’s exactly what I need during one evening every week. After the whole day of proceedings, preparations, talking to clients, I need at least a moment of relaxation. An activity that will not be too mentally draining, but will let me focus on perception, observation or speed. I often play computer games and admit that I have quite a good reflex. I’m also active on Bingo fan forums and you know what? I don’t think I’ve met so many new people from different countries before my encounter with bingo. One night I can fight for “BINGO!” with people living in Germany, Argentina, Poland and France. It’s fascinating. During my business trips, I hadn’t come across such a great number of interesting people. Whilst playing bingo, our common passion and yearning to have fun connects us. That’s why I love Bingo so much!


Tom (33 yrs old, lawyer)

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