Free Bingo games for fun … what’s the point of the game?

Circle of random bingo balls

On the Internet, you can find a lot of tips and guides on how to properly play Bingo. Often, however, they are imprecise and can mislead newcomers. That is why we’ll present to you a basic and proven guide on how to play Bingo step by step.

Free bingo games for fun – the prerequisites

  • Players need to be in a good mood
  • Playing cards that contain number combinations and BINGO inscriptions (their numbers depend on the previous arrangements set by the players).
  • Pens, pencils for crossing off numbers,
  • Sticky notes, balls, each with a separate number of 1-75,
  • A container from which the numbers will be drawn,
  • Optionally, a piece of paper to cross off the numbers already drawn
  • A place to play – the best comfortable chairs and a table.


Playing cards

The most popular cards to play free bingo games for fun or the best online bingo are from the United States and Canada. Their sizes do not have too many differences. Usually a standard card contains 25 squares arranged in five columns of five rows. The letters B I N G O hang over the first five columns at the top of the board. Each field on the card except the middle is already filled with a number. The maximum number may be 75. The digits are as follows:


COLUMN B – numbers from 1 to 15,

COLUMN I – numbers from 16 to 30,

COLUMN N – numbers from 31 to 45,

COLUMN G – numbers 46 to 60,

COLUMN O – numbers from 61 to 75.

Below is an example of a board or card used to play free bingo games for fun for free online bingo:


2 16 31 47 61
7 20 36 56 70
5 19   52 73
14 30 44 60 75
9 29 41 49 62


An example of a filled in / winning bingo board (two lines):

1 17 34 56 68
12 16 36 55 70
9 30   52 71
7 27 44 60 67
10 29 40 49 61


Gameplay: Step by step

Step One – Each player receives a set number of playing boards, check that none of them is defective and report any possible adjustments to the leader

Step two – the first round starts. The leader walks up to the box with numbers (written on cards or balls) from 1 to 75 and draws one of them. The leader reads out loud the number that is drawn so that this information reaches all the participants in the game, at this point if one of the players finds the same number on the board that is called out, marks it on his board

Step three – the leader draws again and announces numbers to the players until one of the players has two or one horizontal lines filled (depending on the predefined rules) with the BINGO sign, at the moment when one succeeds, they must loudly shout out, and as fast as possible: “BINGO!”.

Free online bingo – general rules

With the growing popularity of the Internet, network users have quickly moved their favorite games into virtual space. Remember though that the free online bingo rules are very similar to the ones in the traditional version of this game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS – unlimited in the traditional version, usually limited when playing online

AGE – no age restrictions, only paid versions of online bingo are for adults only

PREPARATION TIME – about 3 minutes for traditional bingo, 20 seconds for online bingo

GAME TIME – 5-20 minutes

RULES – simple

STRATEGY – small elements

PLAYER QUALITIES – good reflex, perceptiveness


The DIFFERENCES between free online bingo and traditional free bingo games for fun are:

  • coupons, pens to mark and numbers – everything is virtual when playing online
  • The user is not limited to his or her closest friends, they can play with people around the world,
  • It’s easier to share information and trivia online with forums and social media,
  • Preparing the traditional version of the game, that is the board, table, pens, numbers, takes much more time than just a few clicks with your computer mouse

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